You may feel something is wrong but not have a name for it. Or perhaps you’re waiting to get in to see that specialist but it’s weeks until that first appointment. Supporting the healing process of lyme doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Maybe you tried the megabucks protocol and are still feeling like there are missing pieces to your own healing path. Here is a list of ten things you can do right now to support yourself in creating greater wellness.

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And yes. I know everyone tells you to drink more water in you’ve heard that one before. And I’m here to say it again because it really does make that much of a difference!

Pick one. Try it out. Add another.

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Soak up some sunlight. 15 minutes a day on mostly bare skin helps boost happy brain chemicals, bone health, and your immune system.

Drink your water. While every one’s needs will vary, there’s a very good chance you could drink more water starting right now to support your body clearing waste, healthy lymphatic system, juicy joints, focus, and more. We jump fast to “kill” but if we aren’t providing ways for the body to clear, we can easily do more harm than good.

Make your bedroom screen free to lessen EMF exposure and avoiding the blue light that tells your brain it’s party time, not sleepy time. If you must use your phone as an alarm or perhaps you are using a streaming meditation to help you fall asleep, set it on airplane mode as soon as you are done listening.

Self Love in Supporting Healing Lyme

Self body love. No fancy lotions needed. As you dry off after the shower, do so with care. As you smoothe on lotion, show your body (even those parts you skim over) you are here supporting it as it is trying it’s best to support you. Do so with love as you would a child. When you check that outfit in the mirror before heading out, look in that mirror and tell yourself what you love about you. Allow your body to feel loved. It’s trying it’s darndest.

Practice simple visualizations. Even if for a minute or two at a time. Focus on how you want to feel. Watch it grow.

Go outside. If you are in bed and need to stay there, open the windows. If that isn’t possible, close your eyes and let your imagination take you there.

Detox your social media. I’m not talking about spending less time, I mean clear it out. If connections on Facebook are bringing you more negative feelings that positive I invite you to simply hit Unfollow. You are still “Friends” and they won’t know but you will no longer see their posts unless you go to their page. I fully support just Unfriending and severing connections that no longer mutually serve. Leave groups that aren’t productive for you at this time or at the least you can choose not to receive notifications. You have the right to protect your energy without explanation or apology.

Gratitude can lift your attitude

Stop eating that thing that gives you a stomach ache/joint pain/headache/regret every time.

Start a gratitude practice. I know it sounds over done. People keep talking about it because it works. It can look like simply dedicating your morning Yoga practice or evening walk to something you are grateful for. I like to write 3 things down every morning that I’m grateful for. Others like to close their day with a gratitude list. Everyone at the dinner table may share something or perhaps it’s a private time of prayer for you. Keep it simple. Just try it and see. What we focus on is what we grow.


Last notes on supporting healing

Stop spending time with people/chatting on the phone and going to places that make you feel drained after rather than filled up. No apologies or explanation needed.

You don’t have to start with all ten. Maybe you are already doing six of them. What is one thing.Just one. That you are going to start today? Shoot me a note- I’d truly love to hear from you and cheer you on!

Love and high fives,