I’ve had the kind of morning sickness that lasts all day, every day. And the kind of horrible nausea that comes from intensive treatment for Lyme Disease. Handfuls and handfuls of pills a day is…let’s just say pretty gnarly on your poor gut.

The nausea alone got so bad I began to fade even more from the habit of living my life. I found some tools I want to share with you below that helped. And still. I had to choose to just show up anyway sometimes.

A pilates class in particular was serving me so well until nausea (and brain fog) kept me from driving and I was terrified I was going to hurl in class.

Toots happen in pilates and Yoga…but nobody really hurls. Awkward! I decided I had to go anyway. Spending most of my time laying on my mat, I got so much out of just getting up and going. I kept my habit of the “getting up and going” part of life until I was feeling better and you know what? I never did hurl in class. Whew!

Golden Tip for Taking All Those Pills

My golden tip I have for those taking all those handfuls of pills is to blend them. Yep. As in put them in your smoothie!

Now, you should totally talk with whomever you are working with that is suggesting all of those pills in the first place. Some won’t do well combined with mineral rich green smoothie and others are time release and will need to be kept whole.

But many are hard tablets that are very difficult for even the most robust gut to break down and assimilate. Talk with your wellness partner (LLMD, doctor, naturopath, etc) and see if you can add some of your pills and tinctures to your smoothie.

And while you’re talking with your partner(s) in your wellness, perhaps slowing down or changing it up is in order. Looking back, I don’t believe all of that nausea was necessary what-so-ever. But that’s probably another conversation.

The Rest of Those Tips:

Go outside. Fresh air is it’s own magical balm. Sea air is wonderful. Not always readily available, of course. Going outside isn’t always accessible either. Open the windows. Do what you can.

Lay on the earth with as much skin touching the ground as possible. Palms alone count. Instead of watching the clouds drift by, picked a cloud and keep your gaze focused on it. Or the stars. This is often called Earthing and there is science behind the electro-magnetic exchange. It works.

Stare at the moon. Slow, deep breaths. No science here. Lot’s of early mornings spending time with moon has simply connected me to Her and in an ironic way, she grounds me.

Ginger tea. OK. Everyone has heard of this one. But you might not have tried it yet. I have to be the only person that ginger tea often makes nausea worse for. Two drops of essential oil in a mug of warm water is wonderfully soothing for me. My mother in law was once given a fresh shaved ginger in carbonated water when her tablet wore off on a scuba diving trick and she says it did the trick for her!

The Rest of Those Tips:

Smelling peppermint essential oil. Just old the bottle under your nose and inhale. You can also mist the air around you or put a dab of coconut oil with a drop of peppermint oil on your upper lip.

Acupressure point P-6. Learn more about acupressure to relieve nausea.

Fennel tea. 2tsp of loose herb in a mug of hot water or 2 drops of essential oil.

Legs up the wall. The secret trick to getting into Legs Up the Wall. 5 minutes can be more refreshing than a 20 minute nap. Think you don’t have time for Yoga. You have time for this. Watch on Instagram @wholelifewithamy.

Pranayama. Slow, deep breath. Try counting to 5 as you breathe in, pause at the top of your breath for 1 count. Exhale to the count of 5.

Vitamin B6. 25mg taken 3x a day.

Lemon slice. Put the whole wedge in and bit down. Spit out the wedge after you suck out the juice.

Ginkgo Biloba does not directly affect nausea but can support the symptoms of Vertigo but nourishing the blood vessels to the brain and lessening dizziness.

Wear a brimmed hat inside of stores and offices. Flourescent lighting pulses, causing headaches and nausea is many that are light sensitive (a common challenge for those with Lyme).

Acupuncture. Try 2-3 sessions and see if it creates a shift for you.

Epley’s Maneuver is a pattern of head movements thought to help those suffering from benign positional vertigo. You can find out more as well as a few other exercise/movement based protocols to lift horrible nausea

CBD oil, tinctures, and cannabis is legendary. CBD’s are becoming more and more available- without the worry of getting “high”. Honestly, when my life was shut down by nausea, brain fog, and pain based more on treatment than Lyme, there are two things it didn’t occur to me to do: question my doctor if there was a better way (for my body) to treat (there was/is) and get my hands on some cannabis.

Black licorice root does not necessarily directly effect nausea, but is an herb that may create a mucous lining in the gut, helping protect it from harsher medicines as well as too much stomach acid that may be causing the nausea.

Last notes on helping with Nausea

These tools are focused on alleviating nausea more in the moment. Getting down to the cause is important- but pretty hard when you can’t think straight from the nausea. I get it. Pick one to three of these. Try them. When you feel a bit better, look closer at what is causing it and go from there.

Lastly, just get out and live yo’ life.

Extreme nausea can slowly break us of the habit of being an active part of your own life. Secluding us even more from friends and just talking with folks at the grocery store of the library. Do what you can. Then keep going. You’ll get there.

Love and high fives,