One reason I don’t use vinegar to clean is because it doesn’t kill some bacteria like staph. I prefer to wipe out that nasty stuff with my go to cleaner, hydrogen peroxide aka H202.

I use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in place of vinegar or even bleach.

Instead of using vinegar to clean my go to is food grade hydrogen peroxide to wipe out staph infection and viruses.

While it is non toxic and friendly to the environment you will want to ensure it is diluted before use. I’ll show you how I make my go to veggie cleaning spray in the video.

Should I use a glass spray bottle to hold the hydrogen peroxide?

In my home we have a lot of hard tile surfaces which can make it hard to clean safely while having a young child helping. For that reason I prefer to use plastic just in case it is dropped on the floor…which happens of course 😉

How much should I dilute it for cleaning? Dilute 11 ounces of water to 1 ounce of the 35% hydrogen peroxide. For safety protection I use regular household latex gloves when mixing the combination. Remember to label the spray bottle so you know what is in there and who should use it. I use different look and style of spray bottles in case you have kids so they don’t confuse the two.


Pour the water in the spray bottle first then add the hydrogen peroxide so that you don’t get an eruption in your face.

Should I use essential oils for a veggie wash?

Adding essential oils like lemon to your veggie wash can boost the cleaning power

While oils like lavender, lemon, and melaleuca have incredible  cleaning powers they can be expensive if you are buying the best. For this reason and also because my family doesn’t like the smell of lavender we don’t use it in the bathroom cleaner.

I love the smell of lavender but you do what you gotta do for those you love, right!

Should I soak my veggies in the spray wash?

No…for two reasons:

1. It is a huge waste of water

2. You can cross contaminate any bacteria that is on one veggie to all the others in the sink. Remember nothing kills 100% of the bacteria or viruses so there can be left over nasties you don’t want spread.  

Where can I find food grade hydrogen peroxide?

The brand I like is Oxy Tech by Eagle Enterprises. Look for it in the refrigerated supplement section of natural food stores.

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