Juice Feasting, baby!

Feeling puffy and nerve endings buzzing means it’s time.

Four to six quarts a day. One to five days. All of those veggies and fruits make one quart. I make sure to never go below 1,200 calories, often around 1,800. It’s not about losing ‘weight’. It is about letting go of what isn’t serving me.

Green juice helps cleanse the lymph. Sometimes dismissed as ‘water weight’, moving stagnate water and lymph in the body is vital to wellness. Lymph is protein rich and anaerobic, a paradise for bacteria and dis-ease. Keep it vibrant and moving!

Feasting on green juice and supporting my body to clear and cleanse with dry skin brushing, essential oil self massage, Cleanse and Renew supplement kit including higher dose probiotics, 100oz water, simple essential oil clay mask, hooping and rebounding along with my own Yin Yoga recipe. Kundalini pranayama. Magnesium foot soak with essential oils and Shiatsu pressure point work. All worked in to an average day in the life.

Feeling focused, vibrant, and connected. Green juice, rich in micro nutrients your body can immediately assimilate skipping digestion, is deeply nourishing to bones, skin, and joints. Calming to inflammation, including nerve pain and even allergic reactions like to poison oak. Have you juice fasted or feasted before? Interested?

Here is my go to juice.

Green Goddess Green Juice (makes about 1 quart)

1 head celery

1 cucumber

1 mostly peeled lemon

1 red apple

1 bunch of greens : kale, dandelion greens, and parsley (use what you have)

Juice. Drink immediately or fill jar completely to seal out air and store in a dark fridge. Enjoy!