Consuming ginormous amounts of information can be addictive. For me- it absolutely is.

I love the thrill of learning new things.  I thrive on sharing and teaching, passing them on so others can make the shifts they want to make. Saying I want to learn and grow… but really am I just filling the space with more noise and busyness?  Creating distractions from the work that really matters. The harder work.

Podcasts, audio-books, tutorial and inspirational YouTube videos in the background… webinars, live Zoom training , even traveling to events and Retreats can be both just the tools we need to move forward quickly or a huge distraction from doing the actual work.   The work of growing my business.  The work of radical wellness.  The work of healing our soul.

Where is the balance between consuming and implementing?

As a massage and Reiki practitioner, I scheduled at least 15 minutes before and after each client. To clear, ground, and create space. And working with private clients , I schedule time before to clear and ground, then afterwards to implement. To send the link or share the book or type up the action steps we discussed.

Yet when consuming for myself it can be just that. Simply consuming.  This is not my most awesome use of time or energy.  This is what I’ve started doing instead:

  • Scheduling 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after weekly trainings to begin the meeting grounded (on time!) and ready then have time for a few quick action steps after. Reaching out to new connections, putting larger action steps on my calendar, etc.
  •  Scheduling time for online workshop class time as well as time to implement.  When will I check into the FB group?  When will I do my homework?  Are there larger projects due? Put it on the calendar.
  • Limiting podcasts to just my Favorites.  I don’t need 10 lists with 10 podcasts each. I have a few people I’m going deep in learning from right now. When that shifts: Pin for reference, remove from podcast folder and replace. Not ADD!
  • I no longer listen to audio books at 1.25 or 2x speed. That was speeding up my heart along with turning me into a voracious consumer of information. Not a do-er. Go deeper.  Not wider.
  • I have forced the habit of quiet to come back to me.  And from the quiet, my own truth pops up.  Just what I need. Just when I need it.
  • I stayed an extra day after my last conference and it was worth it.  Completing a bit of work from the conference in Yoga pants in my hotel room then slept 12 hours. I came home rested and ready to jump back into life rather than spending the week playing catch up on rest, work, and laundry.
  • Information fasts. No podcasts. No books.  No news. Actually, I don’t watch or listen to “the news”.  At least one day a week. And when my mind feels like a storm of ideas and I can’t even tell my own from others, I take a few days. It all settles. I find the quiet. I begin again to add. With greater care. Curating what goes into my mind and heart.

A blend to use when working, learning…doing.  To help with focus.  To help you ground and connect.  So your mind and your body and your heart can work together as the team they were meant to be.

2 drops Frankincense essential oil

2 drops Rosemary

2 drops lemongrass

Breathe. Feel your feet on the ground. Begin the work that matters most.  To learn more about using essential oils, mindfulness, or to talk about joining with me on my doTERRA team, please send me a note at I’d love to hear from you!