Day three of the hives and we were both over it.  At first, they didn’t bother her and we laughed about her leopard spots.  Then, they really really started itching.  Time to bring out the big guns.

A few tools we use to calm hives (before the big guns):

  • a barely warm bath with 1 cup of rolled oats and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. baking soda also works.

  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil in a 4oz spray bottle. Mist the itchy parts, being careful not to get it on their hands (which may touch sensitive parts and be uncomfortable)

  • straight up watching shows to distract and keep her calm. We love (LOVE) David the Gnome. Don’t judge me.  Watercolors and new library books, too.

  • cool wash cloth, sprayed with peppermint water and layed on itchy spots

  • being free to wear what was comfortable. As in, we stayed home all day and only wore her Xtratuffs to get the chicken eggs.  That’s it.

  • Reiki.  A gentle healing method that supports the body in calming and healing.

These were all wonderful when the hives looked horrible but really weren’t bothering her, mildly itching.  And then. It got bad.

So I whipped up this blend. And it helped.

Simple Soothing Salve for Littles with Hives recipe 1

1/4c regular coconut oil

1 drops lemon essential oil

2 drops tea tree

2 drops lavender

2 drops peppermint*

2 drops helichrysum

2 drops frankincense

Swirl it all up. I just used my fingers. And massaged it allll  over. Always do a patch test first. These are oils I used regularly on our whole family and feel confident in the oils and dosing/dilution that works for every one.  It helped so much!  But not enough. So…

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Magic Making Salve to Sooth Hives in Littles recipe 2

1/4c coconut oil

1 drops lemon essential oil

1 drops tea tree

4 drops lavender (plus 4 drops)

2 drops helichrysum

4 drops peppermint*

2 drops frankincense

Blend. Massage into itchy spots or all over.  Now, this blend! Within 5 minutes I was watching the hives calm and no longer be raised.  Emily calmed with them. Within 15-20 minutes they were more than 50% reduced! About 30 minutes after this application I put a few drops of lavender oil ‘neat’ on my hands and massaged into the worst spots.  Neat means straight, without dilution, although she still had quite a bit of coconut oil on her skin.

I’ve been applying this blend every 2 hours. Plant based medicine is powerful. It works best when given in tiny amounts, frequently, over time.

If you only have a few oils I would recommend:

Calming Hives in Littles recipe 3

1/4c coconut oil (or use what you have: apricot kernel, almond, even olive oil)

5 drops peppermint*

2 drops lemon

5 drops lavender

Blend. Massage about a tablespoon all over, after doing a patch test.  Watch them feel the relief.

Emily and I are now looking forward to an afternoon in the garden and a good night’s sleep!

I am sharing from my heart what has worked for us. You have been given stewardship over your own body, and that of your children’s.  It is your responsibility and gift to discern what is best for you and yours.  Want a little help?  Just shoot me a note I do offer 20 minute consults to customers and we can talk about if essential oils may be a benefit for your home and life.

*Peppermint oil will not actually burn the eyes but it’s uncomfortable to get in your eyes. Avoid the hands as Littles often forget to not touch their eyes. Or pick their nose. Some aromatherapists avoid peppermint for Littles. I use it and feel far more comfortable with peppermint oil, with care, than many over the counter products.  Absolutely decide for yourself.  Here’s more on that.