If you are taking time to make juice to step up your own vibrant wellness and chew your kale salad 40 times a bite, there’s a good chance you’ve also heard the news. What you put on your sweet bod is important, too- not just what you put in your body.

I’m not all the way there yet but one change has been easy…

Oil Cleansing

As a grown up gal who has been fighting adult acne since..well, since I became an adult- putting oil on my face was the last thing I intended to do when I first heard about this whole oil cleansing thing many years ago.

I got tired of all the products…all the things! So I stopped. I started making simple masks. Going more days with no make up. Getting sweaty to clean out those pores, and juicy with hydrating cucumbers, watermelon, lemon, and celery juice.

Eating more plants helped. Eating more raw fruits and veggies, more leafy greens…and especially juicing helped tons!

One thing I finally realized was that even with double cleansing I still wasn’t getting all of my make up off. Skin that is just waiting to break out needs to be fully and gently cleansed- which wasn’t happening.

Then it clicked…the drops of oil (cinnamon is my favorite lately) I added to my water were repelled by the water around it. Like attracts like. Cleansing with oil to get the make up and grime from the day off finally made sense.

I started with just jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is more of a liquid wax and the closest oil to our skins own natural sebum. All of the make up came off in one wash. My skin was left soft and not even needing moisturizer. It took a week or so for it to level out. At first it made more oil but then we settled into a good place. The break out cycle was 70% better.

Probably because…

–> I was finally getting all of my make up off!
–> Less scrubbing, layering, product piling…Just. Less. Giving my skin less agitation and rubbing which can help spread acne and make it worse.

Throughout the year, my oil cleansing blend changes a bit with weather and my bodies own ebbs and flows in oil production and I’m sure hormones/stress/busyness/activity all have something to do with it.

You will probably find one blend, with a little tweaking, will be your go-to. With the handy dandy list below, you’ll be able to tweak here and there as needed.

I suggest a micro fiber cloth to gently get all of the make up and extra oils off. White helps you see if any make up still remains with your last swipe. See my favorite  micro fiber cloth.

Small travel bottle from any drugstore or these here for your blends. Remember to label so you know what works and can make it again. 

You won’t see coconut oil on this list. Coconut oil is comedogenic meaning it’s known to clog pores. I know, I know it’s supposed to be the miracle for all and while I love it on my bod and in my bod- on my face it leads to a break out in about 5 minutes flat.

OK, more like a few days of use but still. I just steer clear on my face and if you tend to break out- I suggest you find another oil.

Oil Cleansing for All Skin Types
The easiest for any skin type:
Straight jojoba oil. One and done.

My basic recipe formula:
1 part jojoba oil
1 part oil that is addressing my skin goal
Essential oils to support

Oils by Skin Type

For oily/acneic skin:
Grapeseed oil
Hemp seed oil (especially good for acneic skin)
Apricot kernel oil
Evening primrose oil
Borage oil

For Combination Skin:
Rosehip oil
Argan oil
Sesame oil
Almond seed oil

For Dry Skin:
Olive oil
Avocado oil
Almond kernel oil
Argan oil
Hazelnut oil
Sea buckthorn oil

For Normal, Balanced Skin:
Choose one that works well or simply jojoba oil

Essential Oils for Oil Cleansing

Essential Oils to Add

Add a mix of up to 20 drops total for a 4oz bottle or 2 drops per teaspoon

Dry skin:
Ylang ylang

Oily Skin:
Clary sage
Ylang ylang

Juniper berry

Fine Lines:
Clary sage
Ylang ylang

How to Blend:

Pour 1 part base oil (jojoba is my favorite but you may find you prefer a mix of the above oils) and 1 part other oil of your choice into a 4oz bottle. Some people like pump lids, I prefer the kind that close completely so I can travel and just grab n go without spills. Add essential oils if you choose.

My own current favorite blend to focus on nourished skin (so I can skip a moisturizer) while keeping my breakouts nixed and healing acne scarring:
1 part jojoba oil
1 part hemp seed oil
6 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops melaleuca essential oil
6 drops clary sage essential oil

How to Oil Cleanse:

1. Splash face with very warm water.
2. Add a pump or about 2 teaspoons of oil into hands. Massage into face, concentrating on areas to remove make up especially.
3. Soak your fresh and clean micro fiber cloth with HOT water (don’t burn yourself but do get it hot), pressing and holding hot washcloth against your face.
4. Gently wipe away makeup, grime from the day and excess oils. I fold the cloth as I wipe so the final swish on white cloth shows no make up residue.
5. Repeat if it’s a heavy make up day.
Shazam! I usually don’t even apply moisturizer as the bit remaining is enough to keep my skin balanced.

I use the OCM in the evenings to remove make up and grime but simply cleanse my skin with warm water and cloth in the morning.

Once or twice a week I make a super simple clay mask you can find Here and another HERE. That’s about it!

Of course, it’s not just what we put on our skin but in as well. Juicing and nourishing my body with fresh, vibrant foods as been the biggest support in happy skin. Ready to jump in and get that glow from the inside out? I gotcha. Check out my workshop HERE.


Always use a fresh cloth for cleansing and drying your face afterward.

Give your sink and especially the shower floor and quick wipe down with a soapy cloth when you’re done
store the full size oils in the fridge between whipping up the smaller batches.

Expect to take a week or so for your skin to get with the new program and adjust.

Play with the blends! start with a small batch so you can adjust to make it your own blend that works for you.

Have you tried the oil cleansing method before? What blends have worked best for you?