Aloe can hydrate and soften the skin, we all know but did you know it can do that and more to your belly and digestive system?

Aloe vera gel helps create a smooth process for the bowels so you have less bloat and you can help your body easily let go of what it’s trying to get rid of. As in- banish constipation gently.

Aloe is chocked full of bio active components including vitamins A,C, and E plus vitamin B12, folic acid, and choline. Living enzymes to aid in proper digestion, precious trace minerals, and amino acids helpful in wound healing and anti- inflammatory.

I could go on. A couple of tablespoons a day will help with less bloat, easier elimination, while supporting your body in creating a well and happy belly.

In this video I show you how I prepare fresh aloe leaves- it’s easier than you think!

Video Highlights 0:20 – Where I find my aloe vera 0:38 – How to start cutting the aloe 0:59 – Where to discard the scraps and hear what mistake I made with my worm bin 😉 1:10 – Learn about vermicomposting and why I do it 1:55 – How to filet the aloe 2:40 – Benefits of aloe including vitamin B 3:15 – How to flash freeze your aloe vera 4:38 – What aloe vera do I buy if I don’t have the time to prep

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