Emily’s first embroidery piece (from 2016)!

For about $1 in supplies, she used a real needle and embroidery floss (with my help), choosing her own colors. There are very few things she is too little to at least try. Well… maybe driving the mini van.


  • embroidery hoop (I prefer the feel of wood vs plastic)
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery floss (let them choose their own colors)
  • small scissors
  • a bit of fabric, ideally cotton

To help little keep the floss or thread on the needle:
1. thread on needle as usual
2. Instead of leaving a little tail near the eye of the needle and knotting the other end, draw the end you just put through the eye all the way to match the other end.
3. Tie both ends into knot.
Now it won’t slip out of the needle when they stitch!

Handwork is wonderful for hand eye coordination and preparing little hands for writing.  Watching her creation come alive, we practice making for the sake of making. For the joy of it.

Do you embroider with your kids?  What kinds of handwork do you like to share?