Slightly relieved half the wholey unnatural sprinkles spilled all (ALL) over the floor. But those colors- so cheery, I couldn’t resist.

Side note. My toes are a little pudgey from some long days lately.

My magic mix this morning: * Setting an intention to easily release what is no longer serving me. Always begin with intention.
* 1 minute Breath of Fire
* 5 simple Sun Salutations
* Chair Pose

* 3 drops geranium essential oil in a palm full of jojoba oil and massaged over feet, calves, focusing on ankles and around ankle bones.
* Legs Up the Wall
* 16 oz celery juice
* Closing with gratitude for the gift of this sweet body.
Ahhhh. 15 minutes and the whole day opens in a beautiful way. Questions on these poses, oils, more tools for moving lymph? Just comment below or shoot me a note at Here to help. Namaste, beautiful!