Many years ago, I was a newly single mama. Two little boys. Two jobs. And full time school (proud library sciences drop out!). An Etsy shop, too, just because I was crazy enough.

Late one night, a pot of boiling water spilled down my leg. An ER visit I couldn’t afford and left with a prescription list I definitely couldn’t afford. Except for the Vicadin. So sad that was one I could.

Why is the highly addictive pain killer dirt cheap while the “healing medicines” were astronomical? But with said 2 boys + 2 jobs the V wasn’t happening anyway.

What I did have was lavender oil.  And 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Just lavender oil. No infection. No scarring.

Now, ideally, one has things like 1. A regular Dr. 2. Access to a variety of medicines of your choosing 3. More than ‘big girl panties’ to deal with that kind of pain.

And- now- I do have those things. Then- I had lavender oil. And a testimony of the healing power of plants.  I used sparing drops of lavender oil ‘neat’ throughout the day, up to 10 times a day for three weeks.

Especially my friend L. She got me through. Today she’s helping me through a straight iron baby bang mis-hap. Just a drop. Three times a day. How do you use lavender oil?

PS I am sooooo grateful I never took those pills or smeared those creams. It’s been a long road but I am forever grateful to have learned healing happens in my heart first. With plants second. And helpers (like MD’s, ND’s, Yoga teachers, prescriptions, etc) third. For me, anyway.

If you’d like to talk about how essential oils can support your current healing protocol, I’d love to see how I can help. Comment below or message me at and let’s hop on the phone.  xo,