A little cold.

All in the nose. I listen all night long to her breathing, remembering the week of hospitals with RSV when she was tiny. And, of course, it is just a cold.

Our current go-to wellness plan:

  • Frozen cherries. Because…yum.
  • peppermint tea with raw honey and Vit D drops
  •  cups and cups of water. preferably in her princess cup.
  • a drop of lavender around the nose to soothe the chapping
  •  Breathe blend diffusing and rubbed into her chest and back, diluted with coconut oil.
  • On Guard blend on the bottoms of our feet (every night) to support our immune systems
  • homemade elderberry syrup, recipe from Mama Natural here, 1/2tsp every few hours
  • reading stories OUTside
  • and snuggles. Lot’s of snuggles. 🦁

My my own care, I’m adding Fire Cider. 1tsp every few hours. You can find my easy peasy recipe here.    And one drops of doTERRA Oregano essential oil in a cup of water, three times a day.  So far, I’ve been able to keep the cold at bay!

What’s your go to game plan for colds?  I’d love to hear! Be well, friends.