No matter how hard we work on our digestion, bloating happens!

When we change our diets including adding more raw whole foods bloating usually comes along. I want to help you reduce that yucky feeling of bloat especially when adding things like green smoothies or green juice.

Did you know your brain tells the digestive system to start working when it senses you chewing? This means we need to help our body with some simple ways to minimize the bloating that can occur.

Using some simple tricks like chewing our food more or adding in a celery juice protocol we can dramatically help our body digest these new foods.

Watch this video for my top tips to reduce bloating from eating more plant-based foods.

Video Highlights:

1:20 Chew your food! If you can recognize any bits at the other end of the digestion cycle you simply aren’t chewing enough.

1:50 The power of digestive enzymes and my favorites

2:41 Fennel and Peppermint essential oils can help with bloating

3:51 Celery juice can help balance acid levels in the gut. A celery juice protocol can help keep your gut in a healthy state.

5:25 Red cabbage juice protocol will help wipe out some parasites.

6:39 Keep things moving with Aloe Vera. Check out my Aloe Vera lemonade recipe.

7:50 What else are we feeding ourselves when eating including negative news.

8:24 Eating nuts can accelerate bloating but learn how to reduce the impact.

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