Holidays are coming, well they are basically here.

This means those awkward conversations are coming, especially around chronic illness or lyme disease.

During the holiday you will be around your family and friends more but also around people that you don’t see very often. While they mean well it can be hard for your friends to understand what you are going through or how to talk about it.

Make it easier on yourself and your friend when they inevitably ask those dreaded awkward questions…

Common Questions and How To Reply

These are the four common conversations you will likely have this holiday season and my four one line wonders to help you enjoy the holidays.

1. How are you?

Today is a good day. Thanks for asking. And how about you?

2. I’m sorry you can’t eat cake.

I can eat cake. I just like the way I feel when I eat this way instead.

Or simply…just not today, thanks.

3. You look great! You don’t even look sick.

Thanks! Lyme is funny like that.

4.  My neighbors cousin cured Lyme with just garlic/all meat diet/happy thoughts! You should call her!

I’m so happy she found her path. Right now, I’m good with mine, thanks.

Tip: If you would like to get off the Lyme topic, end with a question flipping the conversation back to them like, “So how is your new pug??”

What awkward conversations have you had?

Direct message me on Instagram with your most memorable conversation.

I reply to all my messages and would love to hear your story.

don’t just survive the holidays…thrive!

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