I may have gotten a tiny bit ahead of my healing self. Winter ick is settling in. Back on the couch, reading The Hands On Home by Erica Strauss of Northwest Edible Life blog ,  and doing my thrice daily dose of Oregano Oil. Which is gnarly. You may want to just shoot it. And chase with water or juice. I’ve come to rather like it’s bite, myself.

For over 3 years of treatment for Lyme Disease, co-infections, and to use in the prevention of weird fungal stuff that can happen during aggressive treatments of all kinds, Oil of Oregano have become good friends. But Mr. O is a friend I have great respect for and pay close attention to how much we hang out together.

Oil of oregano is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, meaning it doesn’t target one particular organism. Unlike many anti biotics, it is anti bacterial, anti fungal, and (unlike any RX anti biotic) anti viral.


That also means it effects the good bacteria we need. I take 3 drops, 3x a day for no more than 2 weeks straight. Pulsing 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. That gives my good bacteria a chance to maintain healthy populations while keeping over growth of others in check.

A few more things to note:

If you are new to oregano oil, I suggest beginning with 1 drop- not the 3 I currently use.  Your own wellness provider may have a different suggestion and that’s the one I recommend you start with.  

Plants are powerful. You deserve all the benefits they can offer. And all the ways to use them wisely.

Topically, many use oregano oil daily to keep away the funk, supporting a strong immune system, and that I can fully get behind.  I have a topical blend I’d love to share with you I use nearly daily! Soon. I promise.

The highest quality oils will yield the highest levels of wellness. Especially from a company that maintains a high level of care from the soil the plant grows in, the community of farmers and distillers that create the oil, to the support I’m here to offer you in choosing the right oil and the right way to use it.

You can find my favorite essential oils including Oregano essential oil.

In love and healing high fives,


P.S. For more ways I use essential oils to support myself and my family grab my guide to using essential oils for kids…


Learn how to safely use essential oils with kids including tips designed with care. Oils can help with so many things including those pesky hives or all too common scrapes.

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