Food prep day!  Usually twice a week, for about 90 minutes. An hour a week for planning. Usually Sundays and Wednesdays. Chopping, slicing, zoodling. Two dips/ dressings. A snack ball or two. A couple of bags of frozen, sliced bananas (hello, Nicecream!). Even with a garden outside my door, some fresh greens are washed and ready. The dishes alone that I save on the daily.

Yes. Right off the vine is best.  Sliced the moment before you eat it is second best.

And then…there’s real life. With full days and hard days and plain old not feeling like making good, deeply nourishing foods. Prepping is planning to thrive. Even when life happens- as it always does. Let’s plan and prep for vibrant wellness and more time for the life you were meant to live! ❤️