“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down.” -Judith Hanson Lasatar

I’ve been feeling mighty fine lately.

Yesterday I decided to push my growing strength and wellness and enjoyed every minute. Emily’s horse workshop, thrifting (scored!), a long chat with the Mister out on the ocean, a concert on the greens with family, even pizza!

Today, I’m taking deep care of myself. Showing up on my mat. Just as I am. No need to touch my toes. A few more ways I restore after a going big:

•Lemon essential oil water. Quarts.
•Infra red sauna
•Self massage with my essential oil blend including helichrysum
•All green smoothies with whole food fruit and veggie snacks
•Gluten Ease enzyme for that ‘pizza choice’
•long held forward folds
•simple sun salutations to get things moving
•activated charcoal facial mask
•sitting outside in the sun
•dry brushing

And no regrets. No food shaming on my gluten filled pizza, which I know flares my joint pain like little else. Just lovin’ myself and making a different choice today.

I hope you are loving yourself today, however that looks for you!

Photo credit @dudley.photography on a day when I did touch my toes. ♡