I get it. Heaps of greens and fresh fruits and veggies sounds lovely. You know it’s “good for you”. Yet making the budget go even further…may feel out of reach. And don’t they all need to be organic, anyway? 

A few tips on saving so you can make the most of your budget and keep green smoothies as a way to deeply nourish yourself sustainable on your budget.

You can do this.

Organic vs. non organic.

Sure. Organic is ideal. Not everyone has access, regardless of budget. The best greens are the greens you have access to, for whatever reason. We all deserve to heal. And I don’t believe it is ever out of our reach, even if our healing doesn’t look like what we expected.

A few tips to stretch the budget:

1. Buy from the Must Sell bin

2. Buy what’s on sale and just change the recipe to suit what you have. When sweet mangoes were .50 a pound we ate mangoes for a week!

3. Stock up on deals and freeze. Even bags of greens, not ideal but better than skipping. There will be some vitamin loss in freezing greens especially but mineral content will remain high!

4. Flash freeze ripe fruit. See my post here for directions.

5. Buy from farmers by the lug (25# box)

6. Ask for culls or “softies”(ugly fruit that may be extra ripe)

7. Get to know your produce manager at your regular grocery store. Mine is always excited to share about what is the freshest, the sweetest…and often gives me 10% for buying a box full

8. Ask your natural grocer about special orders. I save 20% by ordering 25# boxes.

9. Ask what days and times they do mark downs. Stock up!

10. Frozen fruit is often a better deal than fresh, especially organic. Double check you are getting the best deal you can.

11. Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Often, they even deliver!

12. Pick your own and store/freeze. Sometimes it’s an amazing deal and experience. Sometimes, it’s an overpriced Disneyland/Farm Like rip off. You’re smart. Just pay attention.

How do you save on good food?