Breakouts are a bummer.  And when it seems like you are always in some phase of a breakout, it can feel like it’s just never going to end.

As a teen, my skin was flawless.  In my twenties, that began to change.  Always in some phase of breakout.  Cystic acne under my jaw line was my biggest challenge. And it hurt.  Spreckles of breakout on my cheeks began in my late twenties and, at 41, I still must take good care or it all starts again.

Along the way, I picked up some tips I just don’t see people talking about. I want you to have all the possibilities to clear skin!  Here are a few.

1.  Change your pillowcases every day.  As we sleep, we leave traces of oils, bacteria, and hair care products on our pillows.  Only to lay down again the next night…I know, I know. You already have enough laundry.  It’s not forever. Just to break the cycle. Try it for 2 months.

2.  Wash your hands more often. Actually, people do talk about this one. But washing your hands in warm soapy water isn’t always accessible and my own hands get easily dry and chapped from too much soap.  Try mixing in this essential oil hand sanitizer when soap isn’t an option.

3. Don’t touch your face.  Do you notice a break out in the same place? Pay attention to what touches there throughout the day.  Leaning your fists under your chin?  Have a habit of sweeping your bangs with your finger tips?  Lovely layers of hair touching your cheek?  A breakout on one cheek…where you hold your phone?  Do your best to break the cycle of touching that area.

4.  Clean your cell phone with 50% isopropyl alcohol, 50% water solution no more than once a week as the alcohol can begin to compromise the screen over time.  Let’s just say your toilet, heck, the gas station down the streets toilet, is cleaner than your phone. One study claims it’s 10 times dirtier than a public toilet.  Ew.  Worth noting- Apple recommends microfiber cloth only and Microsoft an eye glass cleaner as needed.

5.  Once or twice a week, apply a mask that helps kill the bacteria and break the cycle.  Not too drying.  Try my recipe for  a Charcoal Green Clay Mask.  It even helps with black heads!

6.  Break out where hair touches?  Try changing up your hair care products like shampoo and creams. Wash your face and back after conditioning in the shower to make sure all that rich goodness benefits your hair- and not adding to the cycle.

7.  Wear hair away from face to help break cycle.  Not forever and ever. Just for a couple of months.  Notice if you see any difference.

8.  Gentle exfoliation with Clarisonic Mia.  This little baby changed my skin. No joke.  They claim to remove 6x the oil, bacteria, and make up as just washing alone. The new version claims 11x! And I believe it. I suggest starting with the gentle brush heads, not the “acne” ones as aggressive exfoliation can just make it all worse. This product truly is powerful.

9.  Jojoba oil. Tried allll the products out there? How about using simple oils to replenish instead of expensive products?  Jojoba oil is the closest to skins natural sebum and has worked well for me for almost a year now. I use it to remove my make up, cleanse my face, and as an added moisturizing serum as needed.  A lot of people suggest coconut oil on the skin. While my body loves it, my face does not. Yes, it’s somewhat anti-bacterial (if you get the right kind). And it’s also highly comedogenic, which means it clogs pores. If breakouts are in any way a challenge- keep this well away from your face and wash hands well after using as a body moisturizer.

10.  Green juice. Brighter focus, brighter mood, brighter eyes…and brighter skin.  Here’s my  go to green juice recipe.  Always feel free to use what you have on hand and what your body is saying it wants.

11.  Look in the mirror. And tell that lady you love her. Even if you don’t mean it. Or it feels silly. And as you dollop on the cream or the jojoba oil, talk to your skin. I’m so grateful for you. I love you, sweet skin. I love you, lovely face of mine. Telling our body or our skin how much we h*te it, how gr*ss, or ug*y it is…can never ever help anything come into balance.  Trust me. I’ve tried both.

12.  Spot treatments for the occasional breakout.  Whip up this easy roller bottle of jojoba and essential oil blend to dab, dab, dab to clearer skin.

Whew. And you are off to clearer skin- today! You may need to order some supplies, gather some ingredients…and while you are waiting pick what you can do today- and start!  One day.  Or day one.  You get to decide.

Need more? Ready to go deeper in understanding essential oils? Go here to begin. I’m here to assist.  Just shoot me a note at any time.

xo, Amy

Note, too, that this post contains some affiliate links to services and products that I use and love!