Does going to Costco/Whole Foods leave you jittery like too many lattes or totally exhausted?

Do big groups Freak. You. Out?

You might not be shy. You might be a highly sensitive person.

Picking up the energies and moods of everyone around you.

I used to push through the jitters and exhaustion, promising myself I would rest and restore later. Maybe Sunday. Maybe…actually- never.

Now, I fill myself up, getting quiet, clear, and grounded BEFORE. And after. Becoming well rooted in my own body.

No more sponge. Well, less of one.

Tonight I head to Native Herbs and Honey, who is kindly staying open late so I can gather with creative women of all types for our monthly’ish meet up, Meet & Make 805.

When I take time before, when I root down and get quiet, the evening fills me up and I am able to be present. To hold a clear space for others. With ease. What an honor. And I may or may not brush my hair first.  Xo, Amy