5Tips for IG. Q & A. Questions I get asked often from clients and Friends.

A big one: How do I build my IG ‘following’? This is an easy/hard one. I can give you tips and tricks to build a big ‘following’… The question is- that what you really want?


Do you want to build a real community. My vote will always be put your time and energy into something real. While you can absolutely have both a large following and authentic connections, you can also create a powerful community without big numbers. 

5 Tips to Grow your Instagram Community
1. Make sure your profile is public.
2. Pop on your own profile and see how the last 3-6 posts look all together. Lot’s of dark pics/puppy pics/pics from the same event in a row? Mix it up when posting. New visitors only see the first 3-6 to get a whole picture of your feed.
3. Be friendly and say hi! When you read a comment on someone’s feed you follow that truly inspires/shares a great tip/makes you laugh- pop over to their feed and say so! I also @ mention who/where i found them.
4. Use unique hashtags. Popular ones get buried in seconds.
5. Go deeper before wider. Relationships are important to me. Before reaching out to make new friends, take time to reply and comment to the ones you have.

And I do have many more.  If you’d like to spend an hour or more workshopping how to grow your own community, read more about working with me one on one.

The most important tip? Be real. Be you. So grateful for our connection, friend. Thank you for that.  XO, Amy