Freezing watermelon, rind and all, for fruit slushies. I use my slushies as a glorious way to get even more water in.

I found old school seedfull melons from the California Valley at a local grocery store and am stocking up.

Frozen watermelon would be too mushy defrosted to try to pull off in a fruit salad but is a dream in a smoothie or fruit slushie.

Blend half a cup to 1 cup frozen fruit with 4 cups water. Add a drop of lime essential oil. Super juicy and makes getting your water in a delight.

Like many foods, the part we throw away has the most vibrancy. Watermelon rind is chock-full of immune and blood building chlorophyll. The Rind also has more of the amino acid we love, L-citrulline, then the pink part.

Flash freeze, bag it up, enjoy!