Hi, I’m Amy

Before Whole Life with Amy

There was a never stop, go go go, Amy.

Always doing, never just being.  I had no idea what would happen if I slowed down and got fully present- and I had no intention to find out.  With constant motion, multi- tasking, and throwing myself wholly at everything- I did get a lot done.  

I built a strong massage practice, adding additional trainings like Shiatsu and focusing on women’s wellness through bodywork, energetic movement,  and essential oils.

Over the course of ten years, I became a Reiki Master- though I don’t take myself too seriously and will often refer to myself as a Reiki III.

Then came cupcakes…

Cupcake Warrior?

I built a cupcake business that began as a handmade Etsy shop offering custom embroidery to cupcake toppers that turned into a fresh baked biz, gaining national recognition, was invited to be on Cupcake Wars to which I said an emphatic

Hell No! 

I had Hollywood interest in a reality TV show based on my wedding cupcake craziness, was featured in the premiere LA Times wedding section…yada yada yada.

Slowly drained…

It was wild and fun and exhilarating.  It was also a perishable product I held extremely high standards for yet were difficult to replicate or teach others to do.

I was the “pie lady” in The E-Myth.  There was a tipping point in this business model I quickly reached where it was grow or die.   

And I just didn’t have it in my to grow it any more. I didn’t realize at the time it wasn’t just the end of a chaotic marriage and business, but the beginning of becoming slowly drained through Lyme Disease.


The Universe was giving me a bonk on the head…

It took everything I had.

I took advanced trainings in social media, teaching workshops, and offering one on one guidance to clients.

All the while serving on the PTA board, Cub Scout leader…you name it.  At some point I literally made a rule for myself I had to sit on my hands at all meetings to keep myself from saying “Yes!” to every given opportunity. I mean…I literally sat on my hands.

I grew more than one business fast and full.  And it took everything I had.

A diagnosis of Lyme Disease was the Universe’s way of giving one good bonk on the head to put the pieces together of what I learned so much of along the way.  We all only have so much money, time, and energy. They are all tangible “budgets”.  Choose wisely.

At first Lyme and the intensive treatment route I chose, gave me the red card to step out of situations that were too taxing on me. Then…I realized I never really liked those situations to begin with. That they always been taxing. I was just able to feel the immediate drain now.

I gained clarity on how to maximize my energy, choosing just how I wanted to spend my days because energy and focus were extremely limited during the intensive treatment.   Choosing who with and how I spent my time was imperative to getting better.

The treatments left me with intense side effects and I began to turn more and more to plant based support, including learning more than I ever had about essential oils and how they can support us in our wellness.

Getting Better

And I did get better.  And I added another pile of tools for making the most of time and energy.  Learning how it was never just about the dis-ease.  Just as it’s not all about the food.

Or the medicines chosen, or the places and people we spend our time with.  The thoughts that roll through our minds freely and tumble in our hearts.

It’s everything.

It’s all the things that equal our whole life and wellness.


I learned the hard way that when you don’t spend time in the quiet company of your sweet self, you lose your focus.

Your clarity.  

The connection to your guiding light and you can get lost in the busy-ness.  I also learned about delegating.  Asking for help.

That you can have your own business- and you still don’t have to do it alone.


Helping others came next…

Whole Life Was Born.

Yoga teacher training came next and it all just sunk down into my heart. My very bones.   

The need for connection. For being of service. 

For helping others gain joy, freedom, and wellness.  While still having time for the quiet.   

That is where I can support you.  In creating a whole life you love.  With a business, if you choose.   

Not on your own.  Yet it is your very own.  I’d love to help.

I’m ready when you are.