It’s all about the bromelain, baby.

A powerful mix of anti inflammatory enzymes, bromelain comes by the boat load in pineapple. Better digestion as bromelain enzymes help break down protein for less gas and bloating and beyond. This powerful enzyme can help lessen symptoms of Crohn’s, IBS, Ulcerative Culitis, and other digestive disorders.

Pineapple strong anti inflammatory to help ease joint pain including from osteoarthritis, and helps reduce redness and swelling from bruising to acne and rosacea.

Pineapple has high levels of Vit C which may help protect your heart and eyes along with a sweet mix of trace minerals that support fertility in both men and women. Oh, I could go on. If you juice it, simply wash the outside well cut off the top and Juice the whole thing- peel, rind, fruit and all. Or toss in smoothies for anti inflammatory tasty benefits.

NOTE: Pineapple’s highest levels of bromelain are in the core so do make sure to throw that in your smoothie of juice, too.

How do you like your pineapple?