A lil something new. Once a week. A question sent to me I will answer here. This is a popular one to hit my inbox. “How do I do it all?”

Oh, honey. I don’t. You see, I used to. And that’s kind of how I got here. To the other side of being really really busy and then really really ill. I like where I’m at. I like where I’m going. But all that time in between? Busy, Busy. Busy. So afraid to get quiet. Even my Yoga was a push to the end.

For me, these last years and however long I may have been quieting leaking my power to Lyme and it’s co-horts, it wasn’t about the tick bite, if there ever was one.

Many if not most of us carry the potential for dis-ease. Whatever name your doctor gave you or has yet to give you. You and I may be carrying the same potential right now, if not the same “load”. Why was it able to blossom in me? I have a few ideas.

One- boundaries. Energetic boundaries and in every way that can mean.

Two- the depletion that comes from giving it all away until there was nothing left in the name of so many things with different names that are everything but your Self. Family. A business.

Saying yes because that’s what you say. Being “good”.

And when there is nothing left for you, there is nothing left to protect and fight for you.

Like your immune system. Like your sweet adrenals. Like your thyroid. Like your tired heart.

So if you want to know why I keep inviting you to take a longer breath, it’s because I am loving you the way I would have loved myself. Had I known how. ♡