Ready to charge the week? It’s not too late to create a week around how you want to feel.

Take a peek at your calendar. Can you already see Wednesday is going to be a long one? Make a double batch of dinner on Tuesday so you got that covered or throw something in the crock pot. But plan it. Have two appointments, a meeting that you know will include an awkward conversation, and a fun lunch date with a friend all scheduled for Thursday? What if you moved one or two of those things over to a different day?


Every week is different but we all tend to have the same Rhythm to our days. When planning not just dinner but my food for the day in general, how do I want or need this day to feel? High energy or slow and nourishing. I plan errands and even my food around that. Not always following my plan. The week does tend to turn out all the better when I start with one. Let’s do this. Xo, Amy