Dandelions are sooo the new kale. Did you know one cup of dandelion greens has
535 % vitamin K
111% vitamin A
32% vitamin C
5% vitamin B6
10% calcium (big deal for dairy free)*

I use dandelion to help my body release unwanted water “weight”. My body leans towards edema, holding on to “water”.  This stagnation creates an anaerobic home for bacteria and more to grow out of balance.  Plus…it makes me feel puffy.  More tender than needed. And I don’t like feeling puffy and this sensitive lady is plenty tender enough.  Magnesium, water, mineral rich green juice…and dandelion greens.  Dandelions also help support our liver, protect our teeth bones with high calcium levels our bodies can actually assimilate, and more. 

Three ways I get dandelion in:

Chicory Dandelion “Coffee”

2 leaves in my green juice

2-3 leaves in my green smoothie. Choose the youngest, fresh leaves for adding to smoothies and juice. It is biiiiitter. Seriously. And a little goes a long way.

Also…toddlers give the best gifts. Tiny and always with heart.

If I can help to clarify anything I share, please feel free to ask about it in the Comments section; I’m glad to clarify. Note, too, that this post contains some affiliate links to serices and products that I use and love!

*source: Dr. Josh Axe