The truth is, we just don’t all have the same access to food. Organic, spray free, above and beyond organic or modern industrial farming practices- there are many who would just like to find some greens in the grocery store. A few ideas on how to get those greens you do have access to.

When a Friend on Facebook reached out, sharing she lived 35 miles from any store, winter weather was setting in, and she was spending much of her days in bed yet so very much wanted to heal, I just had to say something. To invite us to let go of the ideal 100% organic… and just show up where we are. Just do what you can. And keep going from there.

I would love for everyone to have access to farmers markets where we get to look our farmer in the eye. To hear stories and recipes and ideas from them. To get to say “thank you”.  Where I live, I have a market every day of the week in my town and neighboring. Yet even then I don’t always make it.  And for a long time I simply didn’t have the stamina.  I could on with excuses. I won’t.

Just an invitation. Let’s start where we are. With what we have. And keep going.

I believe in healing. And I believe in you.

A few tips are in this video. A few more are here.

Love and healing high fives,