Making felt flowers and grateful for every snip and stitch. A year ago I didn’t know if my making days were over.

My stitches wobbled and joint pain made it harder. I struggled with new patterns through the brain fog.     I quit.

When my garden started to die as well, my most inappropriate Mister said to me,

“How does a one legged man get up the stairs? He tries harder. Takes longer. And he still gets up the stairs.”

Bam.   Far on the other side of wellness, would I be doing so well if I had stopped making? If I had continued to just “rest” as the doctors said and not began a gentle Yoga practice? Made green juice when they said just take the green powder even though I had to rest in between chopping? I know exactly where I would still be. In the same place I was when I quit.

Love yourself enough to do what it takes. Your art might look different, movement may mean rotating your ankles from bed. Just do it. And keep doing it. Off to make some magic in the form of felt flowers! Love you, friends.

PS Have you read Time to Make by Ginger Hendrix? I think you’d dig it.