A few tips for making green smoothies (different than green juice) with the blender you happen to have-not necessarily a high speed one.

This is my Mom’s old one I’m testing. I use a Vitamix high speed. If you dropped your cell phone in there, it would liquify it, much less woody collard stems. But you can still make a mean smoothie without one!

1. Choose tender greens. Baby kale or remove the woody stem of older leaves. Red leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, and spinach…

2. Blend half your liquid and greens on pulse, then a bit more liquid and greens until it is well liquified before adding other goodies.

3. Run it longer. My 5 minute smoothie may be your 8 minute. It’s cool. Healing still happens.

4. Consider a Nutribullet ($79). Smaller and not quite as strong as a Vitamix, and still makes a mean smoothie- fast!

Did you know I’m not actually all about greens and oils? I share these tips because I’m really all about helping you feel better. Have more focus. So you can take massive action in your life and business outside of the kitchen. It’s about the food- and it totally isn’t about the food. Ya know what I mean? ┬áMuch love, friend.