Sore throat spray. My first step in a new sinusotis protocol. ‘Cause I’m tired of imagining what life smells like.

1 2oz glass spray bottle
5 drops clove oil
5 lemon
4 peppermint
1 TB raw honey. Local is best. Use what you have.

Drop it all in the bottle. Fill with pure water. Spray the back of the throat every few hours. Helps to clear mucos, soothe the throat, as well as anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti viral. Juniper berry (love!), cinnamon bark, hyssop, thyme…there are others you can swap if you don’t have all I listed on hand.

I’ve been fighting siniusitis for years. Years, people. My sense of smell is more like a strong imagination. I’m over it and ready to start again in tackling this. Starting my own protocol- no drugs and no expensive pills. Starting with some soothing help for my throat. And more. Happy to share as I go. ¬†Looking for a source of quality essential oils or wondering just what makes essential oils so powerful? ¬†Email me at and let’s talk about it!