Essential Oils with Amy


Let’s do this!  Together.

If you are looking to learn more about essential oils, you already use them in your life and wellness and want more tools, or are thinking about starting a business – I’m so glad you are here!  Maybe you don’t know why you are here exactly but you know you want more?  You are in the right place.

Humans have been intuitively drawn to the many healing attributes of plants since… well, since there were humans!  Plants are full of nature’s own intelligence, their properties, used aromatically, topically, and internally, offer expansive protective and regenerative benefits.

  • Calming the nervous system by diffusing lavender
  • Creating greater focus and memory retention with rosemary
  • Peppermint to improve digestion and tea tree oil to calm and sting
  • Boosting metabolism with grapefruit and lemon peel oil in water

And so much more.  The oils can go so much deeper. Creating shifts on so many levels.

Adding essential oils to my own care helped me create greater vibrant wellness and with that vibrancy I have been able to take greater care of my family through essential oils and empower others to do the same.

Why doTERRA?

The oils I stand behind are of the highest quality!

  • doTERRA is committed to sourcing the best oils in the world, direct from the grower. They are also committed to ethical sourcing practices through their Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative. Ethical sourcing is EXTREMELY important to me.  
  • Each batch of doTERRA essential oil undergoes seven different testing procedures by a third-party laboratory, and surpasses USDA organic standards. You can literally smell the difference the first time you take off the lid.
  • doTERRA is a humanitarian-minded company with many projects in the works at all times, including earthquake relief in Nepal and Mentors International Micro-Lending, just to name a few. If I am going to partner with a company, it is extremely important to me that they have larger vision and are committed to giving back.
  • The culture and integrity of doTERRA is unrivaled by any other organization with which I’ve been a part. I’m proud to be associated with them.
  • The products have WORKED for me and my family and I see results time and time again.

If you are wanting to shop for oils directly from my shop, simply hop over to my store here.                           

What You Can Expect When You Join my Team:

We are part of the fastest growing team in doTERRA

  • This team empowers others to change their own wellness and life through a humanitarian-minded company
  • Expect coaching by me and my frontline team leaders- we are here to meet you where you are at and help you reach your goals!
  • Access to our exclusive calls, webinars, targeted training’s, incentives, and challenge programs
  • Access to our password-protected team training’s
  • Join our private team Facebook discussion groups where you’ll learn how to use your oils and build YOUR essential oil business
  • Access to leaders who have been where you are and built thriving businesses online, and off
  • Access to the deepest discounts possible on essential oils & products
  • The opportunity to create real residual income from a home-based business- online, offline or both
  • Unlimited possibilities when you open to creating a life and a business you truly want

How YOU can get started?

I recommend you get started with a wholesale membership, even if you are brand-spanking new to the idea of essential oils. When you sign up as a wholesale member, you’ll receive the following enrollment kit which will give you more Starting Bonuses.

  • No minimums, quotas, or obligations– I promise.
  • Tons of education around the products and online training’s directly from me.
  • The opportunity to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program, which, as mentioned above, will bring your 25% off discount up to 55% off! That’s a killer savings, right?

Signing Up For A Wholesale Account or Beginning as a Wellness Advocate Is Easy!

Follow these simple steps…

1. Click here and you will invest in a $35 One Time Fee by purchasing the Introductory Essential Oil Packet upon check out OR, choose an Enrollment Kit and your $35 fee is waived.

2.  Next choose your language and country (yes, we are shipping all over the world!)

3. Once you’ve selected your country, select “Wholesale Customer” so you get the very best deal. You can choose Wholesale Customer if your goal is to purchase for yourself, or “Wellness Advocate” if you’d like to partner with me in my business.  I’m here to support you in your own goal, either way.

4. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you if you’ve logged in correctly to my virtual office but if not, enter 3634870 in both boxes so I can be sure to help support you.

5. Fill out your details including name, address, billing address, shipping address and remaining contact info.

(You will ONLY be asked to enter your Tax ID number or SSN# if you are signing up as a Wellness Advocate for tax purposes but it is NOT obligatory if you are opening a customer account. As I mentioned, this is for tax purposes only. By opening a Wholesale Account, you have the opportunity to sell the products if you’d like. If you embrace this opportunity, and you make over $600/year in commissions, a Tax ID or SSN# is required by law as you will receive a 1099 form in the mail. doTERRA will not share this info with anyone! If you are only opening up a wholesale account for your own personal use, you don’t need to provide this info…. until you do share down the road as it is tough not to.)

6. Next, you will select your time zone and your own virtual office password so you can login to your now, newly opened account and indulge yourself anytime you want!

7. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement.

8. Select your initial order, meaning, your $35 Introductory Essential Oil Packet plus the first products you’d like to choose a la carte by typing in the names of the oils or products. OR – you will pick an ENROLLMENT KIT.

9. Personally, I think getting an ENROLLMENT KIT is the best deal. My favourite starter kit for absolute beginners is the Natural Solutions because you get a FREE diffuser, $100 in free product credit and at least another $150 in free product (although you can surely go bigger or smaller). The bigger you go, the more freebies you get. ;-).

10. Set up your OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards (LRP). If you are serious about your holistic life with essential oils you are aren’t going to want to miss this.  Swap out your hair care, supplements, personal cleanse and cleaning for essential oil based products and earn up to 30% back in free products. PLUS an opportunity to earn a free product a month just for buying the things you are going to use any way.  I’ll teach you all about the details later on how to set it up.  Once you start seeing the benefits of incorporating these oils into your day, you are only going to more of the benefits!

Easy peasy and you are ready to roll.  You’ve opened your account and stepped into your journey of this  holistic life with essential oils. And you’ll receive a welcome email from me and access to all of our training forums within 24 hours!  I’m here to support you and so is our team.

So…If you are interested in getting started immediately, then please click the button below and follow the above instructions.

If you still feel like you need more information about essential oils (and you do NOT already have a doTERRA wholesale account) and would like to book a call with me, please click the button below.  I’m totally here and can’t wait to answer any questions you may have.

You can do it! Anyone can!

You do not need to be a wellness expert, nor do you need to have any experience with sales or even business management.  You will receive all the training and personal support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work, is it like a pyramid scheme?

doTERRA is a product-based company with an extremely high customer retention rate that uses authentic network marketing. It is not a pyramid scheme.

Are there any minimums or quotas?

After starting with your initial kit (these start at $150), simply commit to ordering 100PV (roughly $100) per month. This ensures you are using the product you are sharing, and gives you a chance to try all the products. Other than that, there are no quotas, no sales minimums.

There are lots of essential oil teams… Why yours?

With my team you’ll get the support you need, you will never feel alone in this and I will always be available to coach you through this new business venture.

How many hours per week should I expect to commit to this?

This is totally up to you, and depends on how fast you want to grow your business.

How do I share oils?

Most people have the best success with small, informal meet-ups. We have materials and scripts to help you get started with these. You can also share one-to-one or hand out samples, etc.

I’m already on another doTERRA team. Can I switch to yours?

In order to preserve the high-integrity culture of doTERRA, I do not participate in cross-recruiting or coach people how to leave their existing teams. However, you will likely be able to find the support you need by reaching out to an upline higher in your particular structure.

Any hidden fees?
None! I promise!

Does a wholesale account mean I have to sell?
No! It just means you get the best deal on pricing.

What if I don’t want a kit?
No problem. The kits are optional. You can open a wholesale account with the $35 Essential Oil Introductory Enrolment Packet and pick items a la carte. But the kits waive the $35 fee and are really the best deal (with extra stuff thrown in).

What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program?
The Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest way to purchase your oils and its how I get mine. Why? Because I get free stuff and so will you! The program is a flexible, optional monthly program that rewards you for placing regular orders.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Join Today!” color=”green” link=”||target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][/vc_row]