Being in a dense energy space means filling myself with the brightest and lightest food. For me. Outing with kids are a blast, but they’re also packed: people, noise, little light… A little clearing, a little grounding afterwards. A little rest. Refueling with high vibe green juice.

Green Goddess Juice, with orange

3 cucumbers (or celery)

2 oranges, peeled leave pith

3 handfuls of greens or 1/2 large bunch

Coconut water to fill the quart jar.


I juiced this. Add more coconut or plain water and you can make a smoothie instead.  Just put all of the ingredients into your blender, add 2 cups of liquid (I would add coconut water or water), and blend.

How do you brighten up after errands or even fun events that can deplete you?

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