Day 3 – Green Smoothie Challenge – DIGESTION

Day THREE Video Re-Cap


Top Benefits of adding a green smoothie a day:


Many people think digestion starts when the food hits our belly but infact it starts when we take the first bite. The belly is expecting a well chewed food before it starts to digest.

The blender helps break it down those ingredients so it makes the digestion process easier. I recommend the Vitamix blender, my fave!

Vitamins, Minerals, and other nutrients

Grab some frozen fruit which is frozen immediately after picking which limits the breakdown of nutrients that occur when left on the shelf.

Adding supplements is a great way to also boost the power of your smoothie. Vitamin D, Iodine, and other capsules is what I add to my smoothie plus it makes it easier for some to consume those larger pills.

Fiber to keep things moving

If you aren’t into eating multiple salads each day a green smoothie is a great way to get the whole food fiber that comes in greens like Kale, Spinach, and Collard Greens. Keeping the body regular helps you maintain your body as it takes in the good and pushes out the bad stuff.

Gentle detoxifying

As we consume green smoothies it allows us to gently detoxify our body of those harmful minerals by bringing in more helpful nutrients. Be sure to drink more water to help with this process.