Germ hunting. In my mind, I totally look like a Charlie’s Angel action adventure hero. Let’s just pretend I do. Thanks. There’s been a bit of fever at our house. A bit of gross pukey’ness. And I ain’t gonna get it. Wiping down the door knobs, sink faucets…the air itself with this Gross Be Gone spray. You can whip it up, too.

2oz spray bottle
Fill 4/5 with filtered water.
1tsp witch hazel (or skip and use up in 90 days)
5 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops eucalyptus
2drops tea tree
1 drop clove
2drops cinnamon

Sub out any for any of these with what you have on hand: rosemary, peppermint, chamomile, cedarwood, lavender, mandarin orange. You can order essential oils from my store here. 
Stay well, friends! Xo, Amy