What we’re reading now.

Dairy free just got way more fun thanks to The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids by Ruby Roth.

We love this book so much I actually bought a copy for us to keep after seeing Emily pull this off the library shelf over and over again.

Very well organized with bright and engaging photographs of food and simple recipes kids can make. There’s tons of food for thought here that can be empowering for a dairy-free kid (and mama!).  What little girl doesn’t want her water to be PINK? Just add a slice of beet.  Just what do you serve for breakfast, spread on toast, or have instead of mac ‘n cheese? Take a peek at The Help Yourself Cookbook and find out.

There is a definite Vegan slant, with philosophy included, not just the why’s and how’s of being dairy free. Our family is a mix of different ways of eating. I use the ideas in the book as a way of sharing different points of view and for deeper chats. That we are both blessed and burdened with a deeper understanding of what serves our particular bodies.

That we have choices. Many, many choices. And those choices effect ourselves, other people, animals…the whole world.

Not everyone has those same abundance of options- or awareness.

Some have even more choices (and awareness), yet still make a different choice than we might. Learning to respect them all.

This book is full of simple recipes, engaging graphics that get kids excited to try- and a starting point for allll kinds of discussion. I could not ask for more from one book. The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids by Ruby Roth. Highly recommended!

Do you have a favorite dairy free resource?  I’m always on the hunt for easy, simple ideas. Comment below or shoot me a note at amyrenenewman@gmail.com.

PS: did you know i’m double jointed?

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