” Chew your drink, and drink your food.” – Ghandi

This is one way I chop my greens fine so I can still chew my food well without spending the whole day doing it. Grab your greens, roll the up, slice crosswise into ribbons. When done, cut again the other way so you have bit sized pieces- not long ‘spaghetti noodles’ of greens. Use those stems! Chop them up and add like you would carrots.

The other way is to pulse in the food processor with an S blade till greens are minced. Helpful for huge salads. Hat tip to @tannyraw for that one!
Now, go get yer greens on! Psst…if you still recognize bits of food in your BM, it’s not the food and may not even be your gut. It does mean you didn’t chew enough. 🐰