Q&A: (Questions clients and commentors ask me) Do I have to quit smoking if I start juicing or making a green smoothie a day? 

No! The inflammatory habits we have, including the ones we can’t control like our cities air quality, are all the more reason to add a quick green smoothie or juicing a few times a week.

You can totally be a smokin’ green smoothie girl.

Although…the more you do the greens, the less you just might want the other stuff. ♡

Also, how to de stem woody greens. Especially for lower speed blenders that don’t quite get those tough stems to liquid form. In a blackberry smoothie, I don’t bother de-stemming. In a super light green juice or when I’m trying to be a bit sneaky with my greens, removing the stem can help cut any bitter or super pungent green flavor from the woody stem. 

Grasp the end of the stalk with one hand, with the other, lightly pinch around the stalk. Pull the stalk through the pinched fingers, removing the leaves as you go. Whala! I give the stalks to our chickens or the worms- or just compost. No excuses. Just start where you are.