How to fire your doctor the easy way.

A few solids tips and some ideas you may not have thought of.  Plus a cheat sheet to help wade through the overwhelm of letting go of a care provider so you have space to find the next step. In gratitude.

Print your cheat sheet here.

If you’ve been on a healing journey (I do prefer Roadtrip to Wellsville, myself), you have probably been to a doctor or two. Or 200.  You may partner with a doctor or wellness practitioner and get to ride the whole way together.  More often, at some point, the path you started together may no longer serve your needs or is just no longer accessible, and it’s time to make a change.  Before you part ways, here are a few tips to get in order.  Be sure to print your cheat sheet.

YOUR WHY. Take a minute. Get clear on why you want this change or must make this change.  It may help you find your next step.

1. Get copies of all your records, including discs of MRI’s, xray’s, etc.  Note: HIPAA law allows charges for copies only, not office time spent.

2. Make sure your supply of herbs, nutraceuticals, and prescriptions will last until you can refresh supplies or slowly transition to what’s next.

3. Have a next step in place.  A new doctor or wellness practitioner, a simpler wellness plan, a friend to help…have support before you leap if you can.

4. If it applies, verify insurance will cover your new doctor or a change in doctors at this time. There may be a window to be ready for.

5.  Direct your feedback to the office manager directly and kindly, if you feel that is helpful to you and the practice you are leaving.

Then let the rest go.  The unmet expectation or perhaps exceeded and you didn’t want this change.  Let it go. In gratitude.  Anything less takes too much energy  that we can use for healing.  Please note I’m not a doctor or insurance expert.  I’m a fellow wellness warrior sharing what I know to be helpful and true as of now.  And I want us all to be in our greatest level of wellness we can be.  xo, Amy

PS Did you grab your cheat sheet?