But where are you going to get your calcium? Oh, how I hear this all the time. Especially for little Emily. I get it. The struggle is real. Leafy greens alone are a huge source for me. For some reason, my four year old does not gobble down large amounts of collards. Sigh. Chocolate pudding it is! Dairy free, of course. Nothing weird, just whole food, simple to make, and with calcium, too.

Are you looking for more ways to add calcium to your dairy free little’s life?  Maybe you’ve already collected a hundred recipes…you really just want someone to give you a plan. A guide. We got you, mama. Melanie of The Nomadic Wife and I have partnered up to bring you that guide.  Dairy Free Mini Me is almost ready for release! I can hardly wait to share it with you.


You can search my blog here to find more ways to support your Little in feeling their best- dairy free.  I’m here to help.