Dairy free and wondering where to get your calcium? Sardines is one of your powerhouse sources.

For all these years I thought I didn’t like them. Then I remembered I’d never actually tried them. Mixed into a salad, you can skip your calcium supplement and know you are nourishing yourself right down to your bones.

If you don’t have access to fresh, canned can be an easy go-to. Canned with the bone in, they are ready to go. Look for sardines canned in water, olive oil or tomato sauce. ¬†Avoid funny oils like canola and soy or any other odd things that are often snuck in canned food like added sugar.

Top your salad or make a tuna salad style mix.  Combine with a homemade tomato sauce, or just smear with avocado and eat. They really are delicious and an inexpensive, rich source of not only calcium but Vitamin D, B Vitamins, and many other trace minerals like selenium and iron (a boost for us that tend to run low).

This is what I call a Man Salad. One my husband will actually enjoy and feel satisfied after eating. You could add a plant based ranch, chipotle dressing or I just drizzle the olive oil the sardines came in and call it good. Search my blog for more dressing recipes I’m happy to share with you.