Q f A: Should I take the job/consulting client/open an Etsy shop?

Ask yourself:
A. Does it feed your family?
B. Does it feed your soul?
C. Does it bring you closer to your big picture goal?

If it does only A- awesome! And then. How can it become B. and C.? In the mean time, can the midnight shift at the donut shop be a quiet opportunity to come deeper into your body? To mix and knead with body mechanics that bring you greater strength, that train your body, mind, and soul to come closer together?
If it does only B- awesome! And then. Can you offer a service or product to then include A and C?

You pickin’ up what I’m puttin down, friend?

If it meets one need out of the three and it is your greatest need for now, probably Yes! is your answer. And then. How can you get closer to all three- feed your family, feed your soul, and keep moving towards your big picture goal? Without losing your health. 

If you’d like some help getting quiet, getting clear, and creating action steps to create all three of those, hop over here to read more or here to send me a note to talk more. Namaste, friend.