Morning flow. Moving quickly without rushing. Being present now, while working with great focus towards the goal. The greater purpose. It’s a practice, this whole staying present thing. A few tools I’m using today:

______ is a spiritual practice. Watering the garden, brushing my daughter’s hair, preparing food for our day.  Sending follow up emails.  Repeat throughout the day.  ______ is a spiritual practice.  Pay attention to our you move your body.  Where is your breath going?  Where is your mind going?  Come back to now.  Again.  And again.

Frankincense to ground and connect.  1 drop on my palms.  Closed eyes.  Breathe.  Hands on head.  Slow, strong press.  Hold. Breathe.  Release the hands.  Begin again with allllll the things that need doing.

Legs up the wall.  2 minutes.  Slow breath.  Connect back with myself.  Release what I’m holding.  Begin again.
Keep going.  Enjoying the now.

Want more?

Pick up The Power of Now by Echart Tolle and, even better, The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer.

Want even more?  If you’re ready to join with me in creating a business around your life- instead of the other way around. One with meaning alongside a mentor and team to support you in your goals- not mine. Message me now. I’m ready when you are. Much love! ❤ Amy