Does juicing feel like just to much work?


Have you heard about this juicing thing
and wondered just how to begin?

Well, it’s worth it. AND I’ll share tips and tricks to save you time and energy in the kitchen.


  • How to make green juice with what you have (even if you don’t have a blender) and how to choose the juicer that is right for you
  • The difference between green smoothies and green juice
  • How juicing helped me make a healing shift faster than anything else and tips for you to implement
  • How to make juicing a part of your lifestyle even if you think you don’t have time for it

Flood your body with the vital nutrients it needs- even if you’re digestion isn’t up to snuff.

How juicing can help you release what no longer serves and get to the next step

Wondering if it could help you in your

next step to feeling your best?

That’s just what juicing did for me and continues too!

We’ll workshop how to make juicing work with YOUR life and YOUR schedule

Heard you have to buy all organic to make juicing benefit you? Let’s talk about that. (Hint: I started without access to any organic produce at all)

There are no questions too silly or obvious.





Listen to almost 2 hours as I dive deep into juicing and answer questions from the live attendees. I love my podcasts which is why I’m making the audio version available in addition to the video.

We covered a lot during the workshop so I would recommend listening to the audio while you drive or walk. Then when you are ready to go back to specific points in the workshop that is a good time to watch the video.


Watch almost 2 hours as I dive deep into juicing and answer questions from the live attendees. This workshop is perfect for those that have tried juicing but have blocks around making it a staple in their wellness.

  • How to make green juice with what you have (even if you don’t have a blender) and how to choose the juicer that is right for you
  • The difference between green smoothies and green juice
  • How juicing helped me make a healing shift faster than anything else and tips for you to implement


Download and print my favorite juice recipes and follow along with the worksheet provided to ensure you grasp the information.

Once I’m done sharing my favorite tips and showing you some neat tricks we will open it up to question and answers. Use the worksheet to take notes and write your questions as they come into your mind.




Most often found in the kitchen, the garden, or the beach- green juice in hand. After years of full steam ahead building more than one business (one featured in LA Times premiere wedding section) and raising two boys, a mystery illness was finally diagnosed.

Intense traditional treatment protocols helped, but when I found:

The power of simple, vibrant food…

A small garden space…

Moving my body with deep care and intention…

My health shifted almost overnight I now write and teach others how to welcome plants and practical, radical self love into their lives.

No overwhelm. No labels. Just love.

For 20 years I have been using essential oils to care for my family, and in my former practice as a massage therapist, first receiving training in my 300+ hour certified holistic massage therapy focusing on women’s care.

I am a practicing Reiki Master, sharing a holistic system for balancing all aspects of the person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. 200+ hour certified Yoga Teacher Training program, with a focus on Yin and breath work, has empowered me to share more tools for mindful movement, honoring each body just where it’s at.

More recently diving deeper in raw and plant based culinary nutrition studies to share simple techniques and recipes that serve our vibrant health- without taking all day in the kitchen.


I found Amy on Instagram a few months ago, and have been nourished by her posts and our private exchanges. Amy has a brilliant way of meeting me exactly where I am at, and at the same time empowering me to do better. Her tips are so helpful, and her daily reminders about finding balance and the joy in life always help to bring me back to center. Thank you, Amy, for being a beautiful beacon of light and hope and love in your social media presence!! Angela Rocchio

Amy is compassionate and so knowledgeable! I have benefitted from her wisdom and willingness to share—from easy meal prep tips to going deeper into profound wellness practices. From a few conversations with her, I have learned to focus on making easy choices so I feel good daily. Carolyn Eicher

Owner, Carolyn Eicher Photography

Amy is a connector, bringing women closer to their own truth and each other. She has helped me navigate issues around health, social media, creativity, and community. In everything she does, she inspires beauty and personal empowerment. Her generosity is unmatched. I’m grateful to call her mentor and friend. Leslie St. John

MFA/RYT, Prose and Poses

juicing WORKSHOP $47

Your access to the recorded juicing workshop is available for just $47. This includes the 2 hour video recording, audio download, all the recipes, and worksheets.

Zero risk, 100% money back guarantee! I know this can help you bust through those barriers of juicing, for whatever reason, it’s not for you I’ve included a 30 day, money back guarantee.

Lifetime access! The recorded version of the workshop will be accessible along with any worksheets for future access.

Ongoing support from me and the community. As you experience a shift in your healing I recommend staying involved in our community to get closer to like-minded women.

LET’S juice!

Watch or listen to the Juicing Workshop now.

One Payment of $47


Will I be able to access all the videos and materials at once?
Yes, all materials including the live recording will be available on This includes any recipes and worksheets.
Do you offer a refund or guarantee?
Yes, we want you to get results. If you finish the course, practice what we teach and feel you haven’t improved, you can email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Can I download the audio version to listen?
Yes, the audio version of the workshop is available for download immediately after purchase.
When is the live workshop?
The live zoom was recorded live on July 18, 2018 and includes almost 2 hours of amazing content. The recording is available forever once you purchase.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. This also includes any updates we make to improve the course over time.
What do I need before the workshop?
Gather your questions so we can cover them live. You will receive a worksheet and the recipes so if you want to have some veggies to juice after the workshop then a run to the market would be advised. We share what you will need including tools like blenders and recipe ingredients.
Can I take the course at my own pace?
While the live workshop is the best place to answer your questions the materials and videos will be available with lifetime access.