Evening juice prep. Green juice with a touch of green apple is my go-to but these tangerines are getting a bit tough for peeling. In the juicer they go. Some say don’t juice citrus whole but I always do. The pith and rind contain heaps of Vit. C, enzymes, and other goodness that isn’t in the fruit.

Did you know citrus peel, including lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit has calcium? Up to three times the Vitamin C.  And a type of flavonoid called naringenin stimulates the liver to do an even better job of burning fat, regulating blood sugar, and cholesterol. D-limonene serves to fight cholesterol containing gallstones, is literally an anti-cancer agent, and supports digestion.

Just two drops of high quality lemon essential oil contains 3,000 times the D-limonene found in 1 lemon.

Try leaving the pith and some of the peel on the next time you make juice or a smoothie it and see if it works for you, too.