Sunday morning. Gluten free pancakes for the fam with fresh fruit, and I noticed it was time to clear out the fruit bin. Took a chance- and totally won with this mix. 

1 baby bok choy or light greens like spinach
1 whole kiwi* (nutritional power is really in the peel)
2 ripe nectarines (or peaches)
1/3c cashews
2c water, I like juicy smoothies so I use 3c

Blend. Pour over ice or just enjoy!

If you have a latex allergy (bare elastic on your undies itch? Rubber is made from the latex family of plants), kiwi is a top reactor. Banana and avocado are the most common. Skip it. Nectarine’s are a low cross reactive latex food. Still. Always pay attention to how foods make you feel. ♡