It was a Friday kind of Sunday.  Alll the hermit crabs. Wildflowers. Harbor seals. Did I mention wildflowers? As in a Super Bloom.  With wind! This girl walks away with a sniffle that clears in an hour.  For me, it feels like alllll of it is up my nose, behind my eyes and layered in my sinuses. I refuse to accept the label of allergies.

None the less…here’s what I’m doing today to wipe out the itchy eyes, pressure in my head, drippy nose, and itchy throat (ok. Allergies.)

  • Drinking 1qt nettle tea, steeped overnight with 1 drop peppermint oil
  • 80oz water today with lemon oil to clear lymph and lungs
  • 1qt green juice + 1 drop basil oil (anti inflammatory, supports adrenals and clearing bacteria/virus’)
  • Nasopure flush (like a neti pot but way easier) with sea salt and colloidal silver this morning and tonight to clear out and soothe sinuses
  • Diffusing Breathe essential oil blend + extra eucalyptus
  • Doubling up my probiotics for a few weeks
  • Thanks to suggestions from friends on my FB page, I’m adding a few more:

Quercetin.  Said to improve allergies, inflammation, and even pain!   Also upping my Vit C for the month through rose hip tea (20x Vit C more than OJ and tastes like honey), and @carlinsea reminded me to keep those Vit B’s coming! B5 suppresses histamines by supporting the adrenals. Yes, please!

Ready for another great day! What are your go to’s?

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