Green Green Greens

1 fistfull spinach

4 sprigs parsley

1/2 head red leaf lettuce

2 stalks kale

1 apple or orange

1 lemon

Coconut water

Out of celery and apple so juiced up the greens and filled the rest of the jar with coconut water. Delicious!

One more reason I use green juice in my healing and wellness- I want to flood my body with what serves, and let go of what doesn’t. Chlorophyll is *almost* identical to the structure of our own blood. Rich in oxygen, it leaves no space for anaerobic bacteria and infection. 1 of 100 reasons I love my green juice.

This week, consider adding one thing that serves you. You might find there is less room for the things that don’t. Ready? Let’s do this, Monday.

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