I have fallen. Hard and fast. It’s Instant Pot love. A modern electric pressure cooker, crock pot, saute pan, yogurt maker…

A green smoothie for me and in under an hour, an entire roast chicken (browned!) for the rest of the fam.

I’ve cooked every kind of bean (2lbs in 30 minutes), sweet potatoes for the week, slow cooked grass fed roast beef, bone broth, split pea soup- next on my list is coconut milk yogurt. We shall see.

Super time saver both in cooking and clean up.

Instant Pot Roast Whole Chicken

  • Plug in Instant Pot, add 2TB coconut oil to bottom of pot. Press “saute”.
  • Stuff chicken with lemon, quartered, a quartered onion, a handful of fresh herbs (i love rosemary), and a head of garlic, halved, no need to peel. 
  • When pan is hot, place chicken in. Let brown. Turn. Brown other side.
  • Add 1/2c water or broth.
  • Put on lid, set to “sealed” not “venting”, and “pressure” and “poultry”. Adjust time to 35 minutes. It auto chooses 25 which is not long enough.

And walk away. In about 45 minutes, when done cooking either let slowly release pressure or move release valve to “venting”.

Done. I serve some the first night, save a little for the next night, then shred and chop the rest up for the freezer to have on hand for another quick meal. Have you tried the