Practice speaking from your power. Then. Live from there.

As Em laying writhing and whining earlier today because she wanted her hair this way not that, I got down and whispered excitedly, “I have a secret!” The whining paused. And I got to share.

When we whine and complain, we leak our power and melt into it (I slowly melted to the ground). When we find the place in our bodies our power lives (I patted my low belly. My Hara), and ask for what we need from that place, we often get what we want. Where is your power in your body, Em, I asked. She patted her throat. Tell me again what you want. Tell me from your place of power. “I want to ride a horse! And be a princess! With glass slippers!”

Go big or go home, baby girl. But I meant braids or pig tails. ♡ Also, we really like snack time!